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IMtweet: text analysis and visualization

June 11, 2010 Leave a comment

IMtweet: text analysis and visualization of #emic twitter feed and blogging at #dhsi2010

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A Voyeur’s Peep] Tweet or, visualizing

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A Voyeur’s Peep] Tweet or, visualizing #emic at #dhsi2010

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A New Build: EMiC Tools in the Digital W

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A New Build: EMiC Tools in the Digital Workshop #emic #dhsi2010

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for MHKI

broadcast overnight
to walls and ceiling
her heartbeat accelerates
and slows
with tension
of quickening contractions

mid-morning she slides
into waiting air
without so much
as a gasp
practices her breath
with guru ease
before letting loose
her shrill sparrow song

by nightfall she conducts us
raises a quivering hand
in reflex
brings up her orchestra
with day-old vibrato

June 2-3, 2010

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