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IMtweet: text analysis and visualization

June 11, 2010 Leave a comment

IMtweet: text analysis and visualization of #emic twitter feed and blogging at #dhsi2010

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A Voyeur’s Peep] Tweet or, visualizing

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A Voyeur’s Peep] Tweet or, visualizing #emic at #dhsi2010

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A New Build: EMiC Tools in the Digital W

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A New Build: EMiC Tools in the Digital Workshop #emic #dhsi2010

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for MHKI

broadcast overnight
to walls and ceiling
her heartbeat accelerates
and slows
with tension
of quickening contractions

mid-morning she slides
into waiting air
without so much
as a gasp
practices her breath
with guru ease
before letting loose
her shrill sparrow song

by nightfall she conducts us
raises a quivering hand
in reflex
brings up her orchestra
with day-old vibrato

June 2-3, 2010

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TILE blog: A four layer model for image-

February 5, 2010 Leave a comment

TILE blog: A four layer model for image-based editions

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Unhappy hipster modernism

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You can come out when you can properly explain the differences between modernist architecture & postmodern ornamentation

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EMiC RAships and Internships

January 26, 2010 Leave a comment

Please note that the March 1, 2010 deadline for RAs and interns is approaching. This source of funding is available to EMiC project co-applicants only. (According to SSHRC regulations, collaborators are ineligible for these funds.) Students cannot apply directly to EMiC for RAships or internships; these funds are distributed to project co-applicants who, in turn, will hire RAs using these resources. If you are a student looking to work as an EMiC RA, talk to one of the project co-applicants to see how and if you can get involved. A list of co-applicants is available on the project website:

Given EMiC’s focus on editing, first priority in assigning RAs is given to the support of editorial projects. Co-applicants can request interns either to provide support for presses, electronic text centres and summer institutes working in partnership with EMiC or to facilitate the organization and hosting of workshops and conferences.

Given the number of editions EMiC has undertaken to publish, and the scope of related activities, editors should expect to be assigned no more than one RA per print or electronic edition and no more than one intern per event or activity. Co-applicants are encouraged to seek matching funds from their universities and from granting agencies.

The relation of the RA to the editor, and of the intern to co-applicant and EMiC partner, should be mutually beneficial: in return for valuable assistance, co-applicants and partners should provide the RA or intern with training and mentoring in as wide a range of work as the editorial project, event or activity itself permits. 

EMiC will provide an allocation of $5000 to successful RA and intern applicants. Applicants themselves will be responsible for determining both the number of hours/week and the term of the research assistantship within the guidelines established by their universities.

While EMiC is unable to commit to any additional funding for RAs or interns beyond the $5,000 allocation per edition or event, applications for funding above and beyond this amount may be considered by the committee on a case by case basis and awarded (when funds are available) to those co-applicants who can demonstrate that the scale of their particular projects and/or other institutional considerations warrant additional funding.

Once the RA or intern has completed his or her work on the project, both co-applicant and RA or intern are required to submit separate reports online at the EMiC website. Subsequent applications will be conditional on the timely submission of these reports.

If you have any questions, please contact us at Paul Hjartarson of the University of Alberta is the current chair of the committee responsible for the allocation of RAs and interns, and he can be reached by email at

Please submit your application using the online form at the project website. These guidelines are available online as well.

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